June 19, 2009

Specialty of Blue Orchid Bouquet

By Jason Hobbs

People since time memorial are in search for a magical blue rose. Man simply appears to be passionate about finding not just the rare specie, but also a truly outstanding one. To get a blue rose seems to be beyond the imagination, perhaps this craving can be filled by a blue orchid. Blue orchid bouquet is extremely special, since the blue color seems to be really uncommon to be found in any genus of flower. The blue orchid has 2 original varieties and one among them is coerulescens in which the pigment of blue is evident only on lip, whereas the sepals color is white. The second blue orchid bouquet can be made up of a specie called coerulea, which sepals are blue colored. The hybridization of the blue orchids barring the botanical breeding alliance remains out of realms of simple hobbyists. People are constantly involved in the process of hybridization of blue orchids, in order to prepare blue orchid bouquet that is unique as well as rare.

Where the Blue Orchid Bouquets can be used?

Blue Orchid Bouquets are less common and hence, if given on any occasions will make the person remembered for a lifetime. Most of the orchid bouquets are made by cutting the flowers when they are farm fresh, perhaps in front of the person purchasing it. The blue orchid bouquets can last for a long time, perhaps 1 to 2 weeks if sufficient care is taken. The bouquets made up of blue orchids are ideal to be gifted on the occasion of wedding ceremony. Additionally, they can also be used to decorate the hall of nuptials. The freshness and vividness brought by the blue orchid bouquets are simply amazing. An individual can even give blue orchid bouquet as a thank you gift to the people attending the auspicious occasion. The availability of an entire bouquet made up of blue orchids is hard to find. However, a person can easily catch hold of bouquets made up of blue orchids along with other several flowers.

Tips for Creating Blue Orchid:

Since, the availability of blue orchid bouquet is comparatively less in the market, it is very essential to understand the thumb rule that can guide a breeder to make blue orchids. The main task to be dealt by the breeder is, to determine how the blueness changes or behaves in different environment. The basic idea behind this determination is to ensure that the blue orchid remains to be blue irrespective of the varied conditions. A breeder while selecting the variants of blue orchids needs to select the one having noteworthy coloration, the one probably grown in natural surroundings in normal settings. It is suggested to use the orchids having green hues, since they bring the blueness and avoid the orange orchids, since they bring out red color.

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