October 29, 2009

Orchid Cactus

By James Connor

Many people know about the flower called an orchid. Thisis a beautiful exotic flower that is delicate and rare. Not so many people, unless they are gardeners, are awareof the similiar beauty that an Orchid Cactus can provide.The Orchid Cactus,also known;as the epiphyllum has a magical looking flower and requires;much less maintenance than a orchid flower but offers the same radiance.

The unique element of an OrchidCactus is it's abilityto survive on the surface of other plants;yet not be parasitic.It doesnot feedoff the plantit survives on, it feeds;off the nutrientsin it's surrounding environment. Because these cactus originate in the jungle, it is easyto see why such a survival method is needed.

There are thirteen thousand different types;of this cactus and many more being created by botanists. But you don't haveto be a botanist to have your very own. It is simple to own and maintain an Orchid Cactus.There are many suppliers of this type of cactus and you can order them from the Interne twith complete instructions as to care and conditions required;.

There are many colors and sizes.Colors range from different shades or red,yellow, orange and certain purples. The width of the flower can reach enormous sizes.The Orchid Cactus gives a plante;r;the ability to own a breath taking flower, but do less work. This floweris a great investment because unlike most flowers;, this flower will bloom bigger and bigger every year. The cactus requires;maximum indirect sunlight.Access to just enough light for as long as the day allows will ensure that any planter;or gardener has a successful season. The beauty can be seen during the warmer months of the years but closes during the winter months.

Watering should not be a worry even though any under watering will cause the plant to become weak and over watering will cause the base to rot. Owners of this Cactus can purchase or create devices that are designed with an angled edge to permit the right amount of water into the planting;soil.The devices only requirere fills occasionally. One can be sure they are accurately watering yet not have to worry about it daily.It is easy and possible to own the beautiful Orchid Cactus.Watch your flower grow bigger each year. Bring one to you home and see what beauty and ease this plant can bring.

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