October 23, 2009

6 Reasons to Choose Artificial Orchids For Weddings

By Martin Elmer

Why are silk orchids so popular compared to real orchid? And why should they be your first choice for your wedding? That is because artificial orchids have several advantages compared to real orchids.

It is almost impossible to see the difference between fake and real orchids, if you select a fist class product. The silk flowers have been made with much care, and real orchids have been studied closely to make the silk orchids look realistic. And you often do not have to pay extra for all that work.

Have you seen the orchid that only flowers in March; and only in Papua New Guinea? And do you only want that exact flower for your summer wedding? It is not going to be easy. And if it is possible, it will cost you a lot of money; unless you buy a fake one on the Internet instead. Then it can be delivered to you all the year round; and much cheaper than the real one.

There are a lot of things to think about on your wedding day. But flowers do not have to be one of them. So instead of having real orchids delivered on the day, you can order silk orchid arrangements well in advance. Then you do not have to fear sold out flowers on the big day.

Is your wedding dream an outdoor ceremony in the summer (or the winter)? Then you can probably forget all about orchids, because the heat (or cold) will make them wither; unless you choose faux orchids of course. They are not sensitive to warm or cold weather.

Imagine the combination of your flower allergic uncle and a room full of orchids. It will be a sneezing and red eye disaster; unless you choose silk orchids for decoration. Then everybody will be safe (unless they are allergic to silk of course).

Do you want photos of the orchid arrangements? Or do you want to bring the decorations back home for a great memory of the big? If you prefer the second option, real orchids are not an option. Instead you shall buy artificial orchids. They will last forever.

There are a lot of reasons why silk orchids have become very popular at weddings. But you will probably only be happy, if they look realistic. And the way to make sure of that is to only buy first class silk orchids. You can find the largest (and cheapest) selection on the Internet.

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