June 5, 2009

Vanda Orchids - A Lovely Addition to Your Garden

By Marcia Johns

The lovely Vanda orchids grow naturally in Asia, in India, the Philippines, New Guinea, and many other places. They are epiphytic, which means that they attach themselves to their surroundings specially the barks of trees. The leaves come in many forms, based on its environment. Some leaves are broad, some fleshy and just like the leaves, the stems vary in size as well. There are tiny plants and there are those that stretch for several lengths.

The Vanda orchids have many flat flowers, while others might have only a few. The colors most seen are brown or yellow with some brown marks. Markings can also be in colors of white, orange, green, or red. These orchids are also year round bloomer for the most part. The blooms last for about fourteen to twenty one days and sometimes even longer. All Vanda orchids enjoy light and if you supply the proper amount of light, they just continue to bloom.

When caring for the Vanda orchids, remember that they need at least around four hours of sun on a daily basis. Since there are two types of leaves, there are different considerations about the requirement of light. Those with leaves that are strap-shaped need diffused sun while those with the round or cylindrical ones can go with full sun. In fact, in warm climates you can use the Vanda for outdoor decorating.

Temperature wise, the Vanda orchids are awesome for warm climates. They grow best at 65 degree F or higher. They are also adaptable to extended hot weather, as well as days of cold, as long as they do not last too long. At night the temperature lower than mid 50's is not good.

When it comes to humidity, these flowers love it! Humidity of around seventy-five to eighty-percent is fine with the Vanda orchids but misting at least two times a day. As with most orchids when the weather cools down, you water less. Then as the weather warms up, you water more. With these orchids, watering in the late afternoon is not advisable, as they need to be dry during the night hours. During the summer, you water the Vanda's every few days and one or two times a week for plotted Vanda orchids. However, watering everyday is required for Vanda's grown in hanging baskets during warm weather.

Vanda orchids have roots that tend to be delicate and one should not disturb the roots unless necessary such as when re-potting is required because the roots are0 rotting or the baskets are rotting or when you need a larger vessel. The best time to re-pot if you must is late spring to the early summer months.

In nature and out in the wild the Vanda orchids grows on tree trunks and their roots are free and open to the air and environment around them and thus, getting moisture and nutrients freely. Vanda's may range in height from thirty-six inches to forty-eight inches and the flowers can grow three to five inches that last well over a month in time.

All of this is well worth it once you see how beautiful the flowers of the Vanda's are. Eventually it is "all" well worth it!

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