May 12, 2009

Rare Orchids - What You Should Know!

Executif summary by Marcia Johns

When we hear the word orchid the natural word association most of us make with it is with the word rare. There are many rare orchids in the world. The first of a few rare orchids is the Tiger Orchid. This rare orchid shares its beauty by flowering only once in two to five years. The stems of these rare orchids are reported to be huge more than ten feet. This orchid is also called the "sugarcane" orchid due to its similarity with the sugarcane.

Rare orchids can be found anywhere in the world. Now, you might ask why it's called the ghost orchid. This epiphyte grows on tree trunks. This, rarest of the rare orchids has turned so many heads, that even a book was written, actually using the ghost orchid sort of as a main character.
Cattleyas are rare orchids. This beautiful orchid is also known as the "corsage" orchid. The last of the rare orchids to be described here is the famous "Red Orchid." Why is it rare? Without science and scientist, many of the rare orchids we enjoy today would not be here. Rare orchids are a treasure indeed.

An Overview

Executif Summary By Mel Beauchamp

Orchids are one of the most ancient plants still in existence. Rare orchids are being protected as different eco-systems collapse.
Orchids will live in trees, mountains, bogs, grasslands, rocks, and forests. The roots of orchids will grow in the air, as well as laterally. Today there are over 35,000 orchid species living in every corner of the world. Sometimes living in such harmony can become difficult for rare orchids.

The example of rare orchids: Fly Orchids disappear in the Netherlands every time their forests get thick. Development and logging is destroying the Phantom Orchid's habitat and is a protected species in Canada.
More than 3,000 orchid hybrids are created annually. Sizes, shapes, and colors abound in the orchid families. As you can see, the rare orchids are far outweighed by the sheer number of living orchids.

A Joy For the Orchid Collectors

Executif Summary By Carl Harrison

It is sometimes difficult to find a particular species even though orchids form ten percent of all the species of flowering plants. Rare objects always become more desirable. But in case of orchids, the rarest species is not only the more desirable but also the most beautiful.
There are a number of factors responsible for the rarity of some species of orchids. One of the most desirable rare orchids is the Phal amboinensis or albino. The scarce color of these orchids has made them so desirable. Orchid collectors go wild at a glimpse of such an unusual beauty. Paphiopedilum is another sought after genus of orchids. Orchids are mostly light in color and extremely dark orchids are a rarity to find.

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