May 13, 2009

Choosing the Proper Orchid Pots and Orchid Mix

By Warsih

Orchids are a delicate flower requiring the planter to pay attention to detail and provide a healthy environment for the orchid to live in. This is why Pots and Mixes - Orchids use, are such an important factor.
Part of that knowledge is choosing and preparing the right type of pot for your orchid.Choosing Your Pot.

Plastic Pots
Plastic pots are ideal for indoor use as they are light in weight and allow for drainage.

Terracotta Orchid Pot
Terracotta pots are much heavier than their plastic counterparts.It is ideal for growing orchids outdoor.

Before potting your orchid, there is a little bit of research that you will have to do. Different types of orchids often require different types of potting material. The orchids usually grow, if a blend of organic as well as inorganic fibers is used in combination orchid plants require a suitable blend of aerating materials as well as water retaining materials. Ratio of both the material depends upon the kind of orchid that is grown.

Organic Choices

Redwood Bark - Good at holding water and doesn't decay quickly.
Coconut Husks - Ideal. Light in weight and holds water well.
Sphagnum Moss - Provides good air and water retention. Pot should be packed loosely.

Inorganic Choices
Offer moderate drainage and don't decompose.
Lava Rock - Heavy but gives good drainage and doesn't decay.
Charcoal - Decomposes slowly and absorbs toxins. A good choice.
Alifor - These are tiny pieces of clay. Offer moderate drainage and don't decompose.
Pearlite - Lightweight and doesn't decay easily. Absorbs water well.
Turface - Used with Pearlite. This is heavy and can be expensive.
Vermiculite - Absorbs water well and aids air circulation around the root.

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