February 18, 2009

Orchid Fertilizers

One of the keys to growing and producing a strong and thriving variety of potted orchid plant is by the correct use of the right kind of orchid fertilizer that will only enhance said flowers in question. Not only will the right kind of fertilizer do the job to keeping your potted orchid alive and kicking. However, it will also prove to be the very thing that keeps the potted orchid plant growing in the proper way that it should be from day one. Therefore, this only goes to show you that it is not about the overall size of your "green thumb" per se. Nevertheless, more importantly how well you pay attention and follow the guidelines that govern the overall care of a potted orchid plant.

Just like anything else such as water and sunlight and whatever else it may need. The potted orchid plant also requires the right kind of orchid fertilizer that will help it to grow and be strong in all the ways that it must be in order to survive and be a very beautiful exotic plant in its own right.

Growing and caring for orchids can prove to be a true challenge in itself. That is why it is paramount to follow all of the instructions that go along with the care and growth of these plants in every way. What you put into something is what you will get from it in the end. So put your very best into raising your potted orchid plant and you will indeed reap all the benefits that do go along with it.

So how do you go about choosing the right kind of orchid fertilizer for your potted orchid plant? The very first step is to look for orchid food that is formulated only for orchids and nothing else. It is a fact that the recommended usages for most orchid fertilizers are to be for only a period of once a month only. If you do not use it often enough it can cause your potted orchid plant from growing properly and may even inhibit it from flowering as it should. If you use the fertilizer, more times than the recommended amount. It can also stop flowering from occurring normally and burn the leaves and the roots of the plant itself. Therefore, it is very important to follow the instructions on the label, if you want your orchid potted orchid to be as healthy as possible in every respect.

Orchids that survive in the wilds of the rain forests gather their nutrients from whatever is around them. This literally means that they get nutrition from minerals that rainwater may have, also from decaying leaves and any droppings from birds or other animals.

Your orchids will grow in the right manner as expected of them by feeding them only the right kind of fertilizer. They will not only grow faster. Nevertheless, the blooms that they produce will also be first rate. Therefore, this makes the usage of the right kind of fertilizer all the more vital to them overall. Remember that a potted orchid is a delicate flower and it is not advisable to feed it too much. So make sure to use the fertilizer. That you give it sparingly and only when it is required to do so.

What kind of fertilizers is the right kind for your potted orchid plant? You should look for fertilizers that contain the following ingredients only. As they will prove to be, the best in making your orchid grow and bloom at its best. They are:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Iron

These elements each do their job for a potted orchid plant in their own way. Nitrogen promotes vegetative growth and it is advisable to employ a fertilizer that has three times more nitrogen that is higher than the other chemical ingredients together.

Here are some other very important things to do before feeding your potted orchid plant. They are:

  • Make sure to water your orchid before you commence feeding.
  • If your orchid food is dry or granulated. Do not apply this fertilizer to the plant directly. Make sure that it is dissolved in water first. It can kill the orchid in pure form.
  • Before you use any orchid fertilizer on your orchid, make sure it is the right one designed for your species of orchid.

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