June 25, 2009

Deciding the Best Location For Your Orchids

By Carl Harrison

Successful cultivation of orchids is often considered a challenging task as orchids are well known for their tenderness and daintiness. But with proper knowledge and a bit of effort these can be easily cultivated by even a novice gardener. Moreover, planting these exquisite plants gives you a sense of pride.

You can select from three location options when it comes to growing your own orchids. These are indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse. Whichever is your choice, read further to find out the perfect way of nurturing orchids.

How to keep your indoor orchids great

Central heating and air conditioning makes the humidity level of most homes very low and hence unfavorable for orchids. But ideal growing conditions can be created with just a little bit of efforts resulting in fabulous blooming orchids.

Ladies Slippers are one of the most sought after indoor plants as they are easy to grow. The striped flowers of this species are lovely and persist for three months. Another easy to grow indoor variety is Moth Orchids. A healthy plant of this species beautifully blossoms twice a year.

Indoor orchids can be grown either inside a room or on the windowsill. But it should be ensured that the plant gets plenty of sunlight. To avoid direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting can be used to achieve ideal conditions.

Proper air circulation is extremely necessary for a healthy plant. This can be attained by opening the windows and allowing fresh air to enter or positioning a fan in the vicinity. The temperature should also be maintained above 60F especially during time. Such factors will enable the orchid to flourish naturally.

Placing the orchids in a tray filled with pebbles or gravel and water (up to half inch) will fulfill the plant's need for moisture.

How to enhance the beauty of your greenhouse by growing orchids in it

Orchids are capable of growing in a wide range of conditions and easily adapt to cold or warm climates. But the most favorable condition for their growth is a night temperature which is 15 degrees cooler than the warm daytime temperature. An ideal environment is needed in a greenhouse for the production of healthy and beautiful orchids.

The lighting should be adjusted according to the species of orchid you are growing as some orchids thrive in shade while others flourish in bright light. The air circulation should also be perfectly regulated for the orchids.

Orchids grown in a greenhouse are watered only once or twice a week. But during summer season or in case of extreme heat conditions, the plants will require more water. The moisture level in the greenhouse should be checked regularly to ensure flourishing growth.

Care for outdoor orchids

Known for their survival instincts, not much care is required if the orchids are grown in a garden. Outdoor orchids can be grown either in pots or in the ground. If grown in pots, it would be convenient to transfer them indoors in case of extreme weather changes. Damp locations are the most favorable sites for orchid growth. They have a tendency to attach to other plants and trees for a symbiotic relationship. Orchids can withstand cool winters also and thrive healthily almost anywhere.

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