October 19, 2009

Are Orchids Difficult to Grow?

By Michael K Anderson and Steve Frowines

Many people think that growing orchids is a daunting task. They are under the impression that growing orchids requires extensive horticultural knowledge, specialized greenhouses, and lots of time and money to grow them.

The good news is that orchids aren't that difficult to grow. It's true that they require specific care and management, but learning how to properly grow them is not rocket science and is nothing that an orchid newbie can't quickly learn. In fact, if you are able to provide the light, water, temperature and humidity levels right, you are well on your way to seeing your lovely orchids flourish and bloom.

While there are some orchids that are very difficult to grow, there are many species that thrive well in the typical home environment. And thanks to advances in orchid breeding, there now are many orchid hybrids that are well suited to grow in a variety of environments. Furthermore, modern breeding and cultivation methods have made it possible to have orchids that are cheaper to acquire, readily available all year round, longer lasting, more vibrant and colorful, and easier to grow and bloom. Simply put, many orchids make good house plants.
Get the Right Orchid for Best Growing Results

For a beginner orchid grower, you will have better success by choosing the right entry-level orchid. There are quite a few orchids that are not as demanding when it comes to care. There are also species and hybrids that are very resilient and will continue to grow despite less than ideal conditions. You should choose orchids that are well suited to your indoor growing conditions you have. Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis), Slipper Orchids (Paphiopedilum), Dancing Lady Orchids (Oncidium) and Corsage Orchids (Cattleya) are the most popular orchids for beginners who want to try growing orchids at home.

By choosing the correct orchid species and hybrids, and being armed with basic care information and patience, you can achieve full blooming potential for your orchids. You might just be one of many people who are hesitant starters but whom eventually become hooked and become avid orchid enthusiast.

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