November 30, 2009

Learn to Grow Orchids

Growing orchids can be easy when you know how to take care of them. Orchids are like newborn babies who needs utmost care, attention, understanding and patience. In the orchids world, aside from the many online sources, common sense and knowledge about orchids, attention and patience will bring you through the exciting activity of orchid growing. The main two things to note when you grow orchids are water and sunlight coupled with proper maintenance, proper ventilation, fertilizer, etcetera.
Water can make or break your orchid. Remember that orchids are air plants meaning they must have free air circulating or good ventilation around them. If you haven't noticed or observed, orchids are found where there is constant breeze. Stale air certainly does not allow drying of potting mixture and foliage. During hot days it might be necessary to mist or wet the orchid house floor to enhance vaporization.

A clear sign or even a clear warning that your orchid is getting enough light is the leaf color. This sign is a clear indication of the orchid's condition. Generally, leaves should be brightish green rather than dark green. Dark green means that the plant needs more light while reddish green indicates too much light. Try to protect the leaves from mid day sun with sheer curtains or move it back from the window.
It doesn't take a PHD or a brain surgery to grow orchids. With the right sources, observation and knowledge, coupled with dedication, it wouldn't be a surprise to see your lovely and attractive orchids grow and multiply.

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