February 18, 2010

Green Orchids

A Vivacious Look at the Many Different Varieties of Green Orchids

By Carl Harrison

There are more than 1,000 orchid varieties found in the world. Yet, you may be surprised to learn that very few of them have a green color. Green orchids are very unique and popular. The colors of these plants can range from a vibrant green to a yellow hue. No doubt these colors make green orchids quite beautiful to look at.

An Overview of Several Popular But Unique Green Orchid Varieties

Platanthera Orchids Variety - You can find this variety of orchids in the areas of North America and Europe but are still quite rare. One such rare breed includes the Platanthera hyperborean, which has been considered, by many states, a threatened/endangered species. The Platanthera huronensis is typically seen in the areas of the Northeast United States as well as some parts of Canada. It's known by its other name: (Lake) Huron Green Orchid. These types of orchids have a tall, vertical spike that will grow flowers on it.

Cymbidium Orchids - It's not too hard to find these types of orchids. Often times they are used in bridal bouquets, giving them some floral diversity instead of using just plants. While the Cymbidium orchids are generally native to the countries of China and Japan, there are numerous hybrids. One thing to keep in mind about these orchids is that they are generally seen as beginner plants. This means a person who is just starting to grow orchids can do so with little problems.

One type of orchid hybrid is the Cymbidium Loch Lomond. The Loch Lomond has green petals with a white lip with some red. Another type of orchid is the Cymbidium Sweet Dreams. You can recognize these plants by the pale green blooms and its medium green leaves.

Paphiopedilum Orchids - How can you find the "slipper orchid"? It's mainly seen in the areas of China and Vietnam with many varieties of green orchids. How can a person know that they are looking at a slipper orchid? Its lip is shaped like a cup with a fanned leaf and the upper part of the sepal is shaped like an inverted heart.

There are several Paphiopedilum orchid types that are green shaded. Here are some orchid plants that have some shades of green:

- Paph. Anhinga - has a deep evergreen color with a vibrant ruby color.
- Paph. Insigne - has an apple green look with flowers of brown, purple and yellow.
- Paph. Glaucophyllum - you can find this orchid type but its large flowers of subdued colors.
- Paph. Fairrieanum - these orchids have very unique but complex two-inch flowers with white, green and violet on its petals.
- Paph. Malipoense - this is a rather new green orchid species. It's mainly green but has red on its petals.
- Paph. Maudiae - Beginners love this type of orchid because it can handle low light conditions along with normal temperatures. The Maudiae has petals with different shades of white and green.
- Aeranthes Arachnites and Aeranthes Grandiflora - Both types of orchids are found in Madagascar and can be identified by the big star formed flowers.
- Aeranthes Grandiose - is a hybrid of two other orchids: Aeranthes Grandiflora and Aeranthes Ramose (or Shooting Stars orchid). The American Orchid Society has given this hybrid many awards.
- Dendrobium Burana Jade - The Jade hybrid orchid was created in Thailand. The hybrid has green flowers that have stalks that can grow about three feet high.
- Phalaenopsis Yellow Treasure - This hybrid was created in the areas of Asia and Australia and is a light yellow-green flower, which is a much hunted after color among hybridists.

Beauty Behind Green Orchids

When you look at each green orchid, you'll notice that while they are similar in some aspects, they do vary whether by foliage, leaves, lips and sepal. There are some varieties which are completely green; others have the color has a highlight. It really does not matter how green an orchid is because the plant will add something special to a gardener's collection.

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