September 17, 2010

Acronia canidentis

Previously known as Pleurothallis canidentis, this small plant has the heart-shaped leaves characteristic of the group, and the flowers, like the other Acronias, are carried on short stems, so that the flower lies on the upper surface of the leaf.

This species is one of the smaller Acronias, and is native to Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia.  The leaves with their stems are about 15 cm tall and the flowers are 2 cm tall.  It is cool growing and does well either in a pot or mounted.

The species name, canidentis, means "dog's tooth," and refers to the shape of the petals, though the resemblance entirely escapes me.  This, then, is the Dog's Tooth Pleurothallis, or the Dog's Tooth Acronia, but by any name a worthwhile plant.

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