February 24, 2011

Laelia sincorana

Though still a miniature, especially in comparison to most of the Cattleyas and to other of the Laelias, this is one of the larger orchids I grow, and certainly has the largest flowers of any of my orchids.  The plant is about 10 cm tall and the flowers about the same size.  The species is from Brazil and has been recently reclassified as a Cattleya.  I still think of it as a Laelia, however, and have difficulty adopting the name change.

The plant only ever produces one flower and does not bloom on every growth, but seems to bloom seasonally.  I grow it mounted under the highest light I can give it, and hold back watering a bit when the growths mature, though there are usually new growths started at the same time.  The lighter colored, flatter flower below is from another plant, slightly smaller and with a smaller flower as well.

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