August 27, 2011

Talpinaria bivalvis 'Neal' HCC/AOS

This plant, recently reclassified, is from Ecuador.  Formerly classified as Pleurothallis talpinaria, it is now reclassified due to the breaking up of that massive genus, as Talpinaria bivalvis.  The plant is 11-12 cm tall and quite slow growing, producing only a few new growths each year.

The flowers are 1.5 cm tall and are produced singly or in pairs throughout the year, with a flush a new flowers in the spring.  The growth continue to produce flowers over a very long period of time.   When awarded this spring it had had thirty-three flower and nine buds on a relatively small plant.

This plant was awarded a High Class Certificate by the American Orchid Society at the Mount Baker Orchid Society Show this spring.  It has the clonal name, 'Neal,' for our handicapped son, and has a prized place among my miniature orchids.

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