September 21, 2012

Dracula lotax

 Dracula lotax is one of the smallest Dracula species.  Since "lotax" means "clown" this is the Clown Dracula, a rather humorous combination of names, but a reference to the fancied clown-face in the center of the flower.  Though this species is somewhat inaptly named, many of the larger Dracula species do resemble bats or the Vampire named after them.

The plant in this case is 15 cm tall and the flowers 5 cm including the tails.  The leaves are upright and grass-like and the flowers come from the base of the leaves, but do not grow down through the medium like some of the the other species, but stick out from the base of the plant at approximately a ninety degree angle.  I grow mine in a plastic net pot and live sphagnum.

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