October 11, 2012

Acianthera bragae

Acianthera bragae, formerly known as Pleurothallis sarracenia is an intriguing miniature orchid.  From Brazil, its thick, channeled leaves are only 2-3 cm long and the flowers the same size.  The plant grows as a rambling mat of leaves and the flowers come in pairs from the base of the leaves.  The flowers are tubular, look like little slugs and the flowers in a pair usually face in opposite directions.  On some clones the leaves are spotted, but mine shows none of the spotting.  It flowers once a year and I grow it on a small mount from which it rambles off in all directions.  I had intended to take more pictures of the whole plant, but the flowers were finished before I got around to it and so I am posting just this one picture.

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