October 20, 2012

Neofinetia falcata

This is actually my son's plant, though I have a number of different Neofinetias as well.  He does grow it in my plant case and so I suppose that justifies its inclusion here.  He purchased the plant at one of our society auctions and it has flourished.  It is just finishing blooming with two flower spikes, ten flowers and is sending up several new fans of leaves as well.

For those who do not know, Neofinetia falcata is native to Japan and has been extensively inter-breed by them producing all sorts of interesting variations of leaves, roots and flowers, including flowers that are not just plain white like the wild species.  This plant, to our surprise, showed some pink color especially in the long spurs, but does not seem as fragrant as some clones.

This plant is 10 cm tall and the fans equally wide.  The flowers have spurs that are very long and the whole flower is 7 cm from top to bottom.  It is growing in a mesh basket on a mound of live sphagnum, the way many expert growers of this species recommend.  We try to give it a drier rest in the winter when the temperatures are somewhat cooler also.

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