November 5, 2012

Dendrobium Illusion

Dendrobium Illusion is a hybrid of two New Guinean species, Dendrobium cuthbertsonii, a tiny species in the Oxyglossum section, and Dendrobium lawesii, a much larger plant with long cane-like stems in the Pedilonum section.  It has some of the better features of both its parents.  It is much smaller in size than Dend. lawesii and has the large, long-lasting flowers of Dend. cuthbertsonii and is certainly easier to grow and bloom than that species.

I have three plants and this is one has the largest flowers, which are also more orange than the other two clones, but it does not seem to bloom with as many flowers as the others.  The flowers are so very long lasting that the plant is rarely out of bloom.  As the old flowers finally fade new buds are opening.  Nevertheless its best bloom time is in early winter when these photos were taken.  I grow it in a clay pot in live sphagnum moss.

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