January 16, 2013

Mediocalcar versteegii 'Mountainside'

The small genus, Mediocalcar, includes around 20 species, all of which are from New Guinea and most of which are high-altitude, cloud-forest plants.  The flowers come in unusual and bright color combinations, as is the case here.  This species has individual growths of 5-9 cm, an elongated pseudobulb with a single leaf, both equal in length.  The growths grow on top of each other, however, and form a rambling tangled mass.  The plant shown here is 20 cm tall, but tied up with a piece of monofilament to keep it from going all over.  The flowers are 1 cm and often have a drop of water inside, whether from watering or condensation I do not know.  The plant flowers for me during the winter and always puts on a good show.

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