January 9, 2013

Tubecentron Niu Girl

Tubecentron Niu Girl is a hybrid of Tuberolabium kotoense and Ceratocentron fesselii, the latter a very attractive but somewhat hard-to-grow miniature.  I have two plants of this hybrid and they are both about the same size but one has flowers that are more red than the other, as seen below.  The plant is small, like a tiny, few-leaved Vanda, 10 cm across, with a cluster of flowers each around 1.5 cm in size.  Both plants bloomed for me for the first time this past autumn, one with 8 flowers, the other with 4.  They are sparkling in texture and have an unusual pinkish pouched lip with a long spur behind the pouch.  It is mounted on cork that has a layer of moss growing on it and seems to prefer cool temperatures like the Caeratocentron parent.

Plant #1

Plant #2

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