March 28, 2013

Dendrobium sulphureum

My Dendrobium sulphureum is in full bloom once again with its unusually colored flowers.  This species belongs to the Oxyglossum section of the genus Dendrobium, but is a larger plant than many in that section.  My plant has cane-like growths 13 cm tall with two or three 3 cm flowers at the tip of each growth.  Each cane continues to produce flowers for several years, even after the leaves have fallen away.

There are three varieties of this species, distinguished primarily on the basis of growth habit.  My plant was obtained as variety sulphureum and does indeed appear to be that variety.  Its longer canes distinguish it from variety cellulosum and its softer leaves from variety rigidifolium.  The soft yellow color of the flowers with their green, orange-tipped labellum are its most attractive feature, however.

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