October 5, 2013

Phragmipedium Cardinale 'Birchwood' AM/AOS

Phragmipedium Cardinale 'Birchwood' is an awarded clone of an older Phragmipedium hybrid.  It is a hybrid of Phragmipedium schlimii and Phragmipedium Sedenii.  The plant actually belongs to my son who won it at the last orchid society Christmas dinner.  It was in bloom at that time, but not doing very well, with a lot of dead leaves and black leaf tips.  We keep it in a saucer of water so that it is soaking wet at all times and grow it on a bathroom windowsill.  It has put up numerous new growths and the black leaf tips have stopped.  It has just started blooming and this is its first flower.

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