March 7, 2014

Effusiella cypripedioides 'Ashlynn' CCM/AOS

Effusiella cypripedioides goes under quite a few different names.  If I am not mistaken the most current name is Stelis cypripedioides, but it can also be found under the name Pleurothallis cypripedioides.  By any name it is an unusual plant.  The plant itself is around 10cm tall and looks like many other Pleurothallids.  The flower spikes, however are different.  They are pendant and some of them have reached a length of nearly 15cm.  They bloom over a very long period of time, with a number of flowers open on each spike at once.  The 1cm flowers, too, are very unusual, a creamy green spotted with purple.  They do not open widely but the opening and interior of the flower is covered with white hairs.  This plant received a Certificate of Cultural Merit from the American Orchid Society (CCM/AOS) last week at the annual show of the Mount Baker Orchid Society and was awarded under the named Stelis cypripedioides.  The species is from Ecuador and Peru.

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