January 10, 2015

Dendrobium petiolatum

Dendrobium petiolatum is another species from the Oxyglossum section of that genus, one of my favorite groups of orchids.  It is one of the larger species in that section, though still small, and the flowers have all the characteristics of that section.  They are colorful, with a lip that is differently colored and accents the flowers beautifully.  The plant with its round pseudobulbs is 9 cm tall and the flowers, which come in clusters from the top of the older leafless pseudobulbs, are 2 cm.  The species is from New Guinea and this is the first time I've grown and bloomed it.

Note: Kevin, if you see this, I need your address.  I changed email servers and cannot find your address anywhere.  You can contact me at ronaldhhanko @ outlook.com (without the spaces).

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