May 26, 2015

Angraecum dideri

This is a species that has been blooming twice a year for me.  It bloomed last October and now it is blooming again with three flowers, though only one is shown in the photos.  Angraecum dideri is from Madagascar and is a small plant in comparison to some of the other species in the genus.  Its root, however, ramble everywhere and it is always for that reason a bit difficult to contain in my limited space..  The plant is an elongated fan of leaves which grows to 20 cm or and produces new growths along the stem (there are two new growths on my plant, one of which is blooming).  The flowers, produced one or two per spike, are 6 cm with a 10 cm nectary or spur extending from the back of the flower.  The flowers are a very pale green with a while lip and are fragrant at night.

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