January 26, 2013

Masdevallia sotoana 'Edward' CBR/AOS

This tiny Masdevallia is from Ecuador and belongs to the Saltarices group, a group that contains many of my favorite Masdevallia species.  The flowers on this species are 1.5 cm long and have a spread (measured across the front of the flower) of only 2 cm.  The plant is 4 cm tall and was awarded recently by the American Orchid Society at the Pacific Northwest Regional Judging in Seattle.  It was given a Certificate of Botanical Recognition (CBR/AOS) and had 20 flowers and 10 buds when awarded.  The description was: "sepals white, translucent; brilliant orange stripes inside sepaline tube; white hispid hairs; caudae yellow; petals and lip white; substance firm; texture sparkling; lip and petals too small to measure; light woodsy fragrance."


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