February 1, 2013

Mediocalcar decoratum 'Jannetje'

I posted another species from this genus recently, Mediocalcar versteegii.  Like that species this is from New Guinea and a rambler.  Each growth grows on top of the previous growths and the plant, as a result, forms a dense mat of growths.  This plant, however, is much small, each growth only 2 cm tall, and thus it is much easier to contain and can even be grown in a pot as mine is, though the roots do not stay in a pot.  The growths are little cylindrical pseudobulbs with three or four fat little leaves at the top of each like a little propeller and with flowers look like little candies.  The plant was given both a Certificate of Botanical Recognition and a Certificate of Cultural Merit by the American Orchid Society many years ago.  It prefers cool temperatures and good humidity but is easy to grow.

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