March 3, 2009

Cymbidiums Orchid Plants - What You Need To Grow Successfully

Cymbidium orchid plants were first mentioned in China during the Chin dynasty. Yes, way back in 265 AD. They are beautiful, delicate orchid plants which have been used for corsages. They come in a wide range of colors, including reds, yellows, whites and others.

And now they are grown for the florist industry because of their large flowers, about 5+ inches. The flowers on the cymbidium orchid last for five to seven weeks. Cymbidiums are used for corsage orchids.
There are other cymbidiums which do not have as large flowers, but have an intermediate size flower. One of these is the cymbidium 'Royale'.
These plants grow well outdoors and can take cool temps and even a short freeze, to about 28 degrees F. But once this occurs bring the orchid indoors.

Cymbidium orchid plants usually bloom from February to May. During the summer months they will do better with cooler soil at night. If this is a problem in your region my suggestion is to add ice water to the soil after sunset during the month of August.

Water them well especially during their growth period, March through September. After this you can water the cymbidium orchid plants less but not allowing them to dry out.

Also, don't rush to repot. Let the orchids get pot-bound and the psueodpods can get pushed out to the edges of the pot. Only then repot. They do better when in close quarters.

These plants do need good lighting for good growth. So, don't park them under a tree.

Also, year round fertilizer is necessary. You can use a liquid fertilizer which is balanced or even a timed-release version. During the cymbidium orchid plants growth phase you will need to give them a supplement fertilizer as well.

Cymbidium orchid plants can produce some of the largest flowers and ones which will last 5- 7 weeks amid the wash of great colors.
Have fun with these plants, they'll re-pay you time and time again.

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